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A story born in the Carnic Alps



An Artisan Heritage: Le Friulane di Miez

Miez, a young company founded in Gonars, stands on deep roots. Alberto and Gloria, classmates and soulmates, are reborn in 2022 with an ambition:
bring to the world the best of their territory, Gonars, the beating heart of footwear craftsmanship.

Miez's Friulian cheeses, the result of a centuries-old tradition, embody the soul of Friuli. Originally from the 18th century, created to tread the earth of fields and domestic soil, these shoes have gone through centuries of history, from their simple peasant construction to modern elegance.

Furlane, a symbol of comfort and durability, have been able to adapt to the times without losing their artisanal essence. From everyday clothing accessories to fashion footwear, they have become witnesses of manual skill passed down from generation to generation.

Today, in the expert hands of the master shoemakers of Friuli, furlane continue to be shaped with passion and skill. Loved for their unique style, comfort and sustainability, these shoes tell a story of tradition and innovation, uniting the past with the present with timeless elegance.

Between tradition and innovation

A long road to travel between Tradition, Past and Future

Miez embodies the fundamental values ​​of Friulian craftsmanship. Our mission is to preserve and promote the heritage of the Friulians, custodians of a long manufacturing tradition. Through a constant commitment to craftsmanship and history, we intend to keep the soul of the Friulians alive, passing on the artisan techniques that have made this product a symbol of Friuli.

At MIEZ, each production phase is a work of art, performed with care and dedication by expert craftsmen. From the selection of materials to manual processing, every detail is designed to guarantee a high quality, elegant and timeless product. We are inspired by the hard work and resilience of the Friulian people, who have been able to face historical challenges with tenacity and planning.

However, we also look to the future with an innovative spirit and openness to cultural contamination. We represent a land that intersects with Central Europe and the rest of the world, absorbing and integrating cultural influences to create a one-of-a-kind product. The diversity of the Friulian landscape, which ranges from the majestic mountains to the suggestive sea coast, is our precious heritage, which reflects the variety and beauty of our land.

In conclusion, MIEZ is committed to bringing Friulian shoes, a symbol of authenticity and refinement, to every corner of the world. Our passion for craftsmanship and our respect for tradition guide us every day towards excellence, offering our customers an authentic piece of Friuli, rich in history, culture and craftsmanship.


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